The educational activity of Anjuman Hami-E-Muslimeen started in 1919, when it started a Primary School for Boys. This school begun with “Anka-lipi” (Number-Script). In the following year English was introduced in First standard and the first graduate or Bhatkal late Mr I.H.Siddque headed the school. In the following year the school was affiliated to Jamia Millia, but had to disassociate shortly due to disillusion. It became a full fledged Primary school in 1924 and proposals for it’s recognition were submitted to Government.

The recognition proposals materialised in 1929, when Government grant was sanctioned.The nomenclature of the school at the time of recognition was Islamia Anglo Urdu School. Due to the delay in sanction of Government grant, the management had to face financial constraints and the lower Primary classes were therefore shed from this school in 1929, just before the government sanctioned the grant.With the shedding of lower primary classes, only Higher Primary classes,only standards V to VII remained under Islamia Anglo Urdu School. The position remained so till 1938, When standard VIII was opened in 1940, the school was shiftted to the new building,called Musba Building, Which  was constructed with the fund of Mohammed Ismail Musba and Abdul Gafar Musba.With the additton of new upper classes each year,the High School became fullfledged in 1941,when standard XI was opened. The first batch of students appeared for the Metric Examination of the Bombay University in 1942. In the intervening duration, late Mr. I.H.Siddique was relieved of the duties of Head Master, due to his election as a Member of Bombay Legislative Assembly.However, considering his devotion to education he was made superintendent of the school, which was by then christened as Islamia Anglo Urdu H1gh School. In 1948,the Bombay University Act was amended,to drop Metric Examinatlon from its activities.

The High School final examination i.e XI class was entrusted to the Secondary School Certificate Examination Board, Bombay.With the linquistic re-organisation of states tn 1956, the final year examination responsibility was entrusted to secondary school certificate Examination Board, Bangelore. The gradual increase in the number of students demanded opening of additional standards,for which Musba building was founded to be insufficient. Hence the present building was constucted in,1961, for which the philanthropists of the community came forward by building one or two class rooms each. With the introduction of Pre-University course, XI class was discontinued from this school in 1993.The student strength continued to grow and the new building was also found insufficient.

Hence, in 1994 some section of the school were shifted to the building of Majlis Millia in Nawayat Colony, where the students from its surrounding areas were accommodated. Even then the problem could not be solved and 12 more class rooms were added  there at the cost of A.H.M. Further, with the addition of V class to Primary  education in the year 2003, Islamia Anglo Urdu High School is  now a composite school with VI and VII standards of Higher Primamary Section and VIII, IX and X standard of High School section.